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What is FlytBase?

FlytBase is the world’s first Internet of Drones (IoD) platform, that allows easy deployment of intelligent drones, connected with cloud-based business applications.

Unlike most IoT devices, drones need real-time, high bandwidth connectivity; drones usually have fairly powerful onboard compute, big batteries and operate in smaller fleets for only minutes/hours at a time. IoT platforms are just not designed for this. FlytBase has built a custom protocol and developer platform, optimised for these specific requirements.

FlytBase is compatible with all major drones (DJI, 3DR, APM, PX4) and hardware platforms, including, Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung. FlytBase also offers SDKs for web and mobile, and a 3D simulator (FlytSim) to completely test drone applications in simulation before deployment on real hardware. FlytBase allows easy integration of drones with cloud-based business applications, such as, SAP, Slack, Twilio, Box, Salesforce, Airmap, Cisco Spark, etc.

Built-in enterprise-grade security, reliability and various modules, like, user management, job tracking, data analytics, and deployment options, make FlytBase a platform of choice for various commercial drone applications. FlytBase is assisting its customers in building fully-automated drone applications for industrial inspections, warehouse-management, delivery, surveys and emergency response.

FlytBase recently graduated from the Cisco accelerator program, and was awarded the TiE50 Top-Startup award by TiE Silicon Valley.

Thousands of Companies and Drone Developers Trust FlytBase

FlytBase is becoming an obvious choice to build commercial drone applications.

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Our Story

We are a team of young engineers and designers, graduates from some of the top schools, with deep expertise and background in drone technology, computer science, electronics and robotics. While working with drone developers and system integrators, we realized that basic drone automation is a solved problem; however, integrating drones with real-world business applications is still a major challenge.

It takes months to build/configure drones for any real-world application. There is a lack of industry-grade developer tools, that provide the core technology components, and can be reused to quickly build complex drone applications. Besides, the developers continue to struggle with challenges, like, reliability, scalability, and robustness of their drone applications.

We are on a mission to change that. Our team of experts is building technologies to empower system-integrators and application-developers connect their business applications with drones, quickly, reliably and at scale.

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