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Drone Software for Remote Asset Inspection

FlytNow offers enterprise drone inspection software for monitoring high-value assets in utility, infrastructure, energy and other industrial sectors over 4G/5G.

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Hardware Agnostic Software Solution

Enabling Remote Inspections at Scale with Off-the-Shelf Drones

Remote Drone Fleet Control

Manage a fleet of drones and access key control features for drone navigation and get real-time location updates over 4G/5G.

Live HD Video Feed & Gimbal Control

Monitor multiple assets using drones via live HD video streaming & access gimbal control at minimal latency.

View Progress in Real-time

Manage multiple operations simultaneously as per project schedule, avoid errors, deviations and delays.

Automated Reports & Analytics

3rd party integrations like Dronelogbook, AirMap, etc., help expand capabilities for better insights & seamless operations.

Save Time and Reduce Errors

Our cloud-based solution enables drone fleet deployment in just a few clicks, allowing you to manage your drone operations via a single web-based dashboard for a seamless experience. It helps you lower travel expenditures, reduce trips and increases productivity by saving travel time.

Drone Inspection Dashboard

Wind Turbine Inspection

Pipeline Inspection

Cell Towers Inspection

Oil Refinery Inspection

How Does It Work?

Drones relay a live HD video feed to the drone operator, operations manager or subject matter expert in real time.

Drone Inspection

FlytNow Enterprise

The Enterprise edition of FlytNow can be customized and configured for your specific requirements, and help you rapidly automate and scale your drone fleet operations.

Supported Drones

FlytNow Solution is compatible with all major drones such as DJI, Ardupilot, and PX4.

DJI Drones
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