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The physical security industry is struggling to cope up with the ever-changing nature of threats posed at the civil property and industrial premises. Dependence on security guards, loss of productivity due to dated technology and exposure to liabilities can all be addressed by adopting aerial security. It turns out that 70% of the top security firms are keen to adopt drones in their operations during 2020. The market for video surveillance and analytics alone has the potential to reach USD 70 billion in the next 4 years.

Cost effective, off-the-shelf, reliable drones coupled with intelligent software can immediately strengthen professional security operations. Security guards are expensive, prone to harm, and subject to a high rate of turnover. Autonomous drone fleets can thus augment human guards, by bringing mobility, versatility, autonomy, and affordability to the industry.  

Drone Security operationsWhy do conventional security techniques need revamping?

Conventional physical security methods are not sufficient enough to secure every nook and corner of a designated area, round the clock, due to multiple reasons:

  • CCTV cameras and electronic sensors have blind spots and variable activation thresholds.
  • Security guards, officers, and special response teams cannot be deployed instantly & at all places.
  • Larger areas require more manpower, more installations and more time for patrols.
  • Little or no situational awareness leads to a delayed and disproportionate response plus increased human risk.
  • Live status & dynamic information from all possible angles cannot be shared and broadcasted instantly.

Here are the 6 reasons how commercial off-the-shelf drones can create business value for the security industry:

FlytNow enabled drones can address many of the above pain points as follows:

  1. Low-cost drones such as DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Enterprise & DJI Phantom Series (or any other DJI drone) can be made to fly autonomously from a remote location with the flying path designed to comprehensively cover the premises to be secured. 
  2. Live HD aerial video feed can be obtained onto desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones from the cloud, over 4G/5G connected networks with minimal latency.
  3. Drone operators, premise administrators, and security stakeholders can assess the situation from a distance and launch proportionate response, thereby reducing human risk factors.
  4. Automated aerial monitoring can reduce expenditure on manned services and increase response rate by three times.
  5. Enhanced situational awareness and real-time information about incidents can be broadcasted to media, police, hospitals and public safety agencies.
  6. AI-based video analytics can enable object or change detection for advanced security operations.

What civil and commercial security operations is aerial security being used for?

Modern day civil and commercial security operations primarily entail – regular patrolling, perimeter guarding, live monitoring and surveillance, incident response, intruder detection & identification, person tracking, object counting, etc.

drone security operations

To enable these applications, FlytNow acts as a centralized command center for the aforementioned security operations – and enables real-time, remote security management. Drones relay live telemetry and HD video onto the administrator’s laptop/mobile/tablet, as well as allow gimbal control, from a safe distance, through a 4G/LTE/5G network. Security stakeholders can thus make informed decisions and optimize the human and capital resources to be deployed, thus minimizing risk, costs and response time.  

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How to get started with remote drone security operations?

FlytNow offers a 28-day free trial for users to test & conduct drone operations. Users can add their drone fleets, fly remotely using the GUI, create & execute waypoint flight plans, view live video footage over 4G/5G. FlytNow Enterprise version provides add-on capabilities and can be integrated into existing security management systems.

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