Drone-in-a-Box Software Solution

Do you own or manufacture drone boxes?
Seamlessly integrate FlytNow software with your docking stations, charging pads and DJI drones to conduct automated operations over 4G/5G/LTE.

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Drone Docking Stations Powered by FlytNow

FlytNow provides a plug-and-play, all-in-one Edge Kit, compatible with all docking stations. Simply install the kit inside the box and get access to the complete software!

Key Differentiators

Why choose FlytNow for your Drone Nest?

Reliable & Scalable

Designed to scale, users have the flexibility to add unlimited drones & nests, powering endless autonomous missions.


With thousands of automated missions tested on the field, FlytNow can be deployed for multiple applications.

Enterprise-Grade Security

FlytNow ensures secure access backed by token-based authentication and end-to-end encryption.

Plug & Play Device

FlytNow Edge Kit for Full Autonomy

Preloaded with the following FlytNow software modules, this all-in-one kit is the key to fully automated operations.

Drone-Cloud Connectivity Module

Remotely control the drone & its camera gimbal. Schedule missions over the cloud via 4G/5G/LTE.

Autonomous Precision Landing

Enable your drone to precisely maneuver & land itself onto the docking station with high accuracy.

Docking Station Control & Telemetry

Control the opening/closing of the box, view telemetry, and turn on/off drone charging from FlytNow.

FlytNow Precision Landing in Action

Does your drone land precisely on the docking station every time?

Designed for reliability & safe operations, FlytNow’s Autonomous Precision Landing Module utilizes computer-vision technology and dedicated landing algorithms to precisely align and land the drone on the box.

Our Customers & Partners

We are excited about our collaboration with FlytBase, which enables enterprises and privates to immediately benefit from affordable and scalable autonomous drone installations.

Andrea PuiattiFounder & CEO, SkyCharge

The alliance with FlytBase has helped us in powering Airscort’s sophisticated drone-in-a-box platform to achieve full autonomy. By leveraging FlytNow’s stable software platform with intelligent edge and cloud modules, we have enabled users to conduct complete aerial surveillance missions without the need to be on-site

Itai StrausCo-Founder, Airscort

Our collaboration with FlytBase enables us to offer a fully autonomous system. Their pace of development in new software features allows us to quickly adapt to client’s needs.

Peter CampbellFounder & CEO, IDIPLOYER

FlytBase has the optimal solution for our demanding drone-in-a-box requirements. FlytBase provides our customers an easy Human Machine Interface (HMI), for fast and secure deployment of the drones

Torbjørn BøeDevelopment Manager, Remote Operations AS

It is a pleasure to work with the FlytBase team to solve problems and create the most efficient product. We are excited to shape the future of the ‘Internet of Drones’ together!

Curtis LaryLead Designer and CEO, Hextronics

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