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Unified APIs

Significantly reduce your development time and increase code reuse. Thanks to unified APIs for onboard, cloud and web/mobile applications.


Work with any programming language, companion computer, payloads, sensor, actuator, and cloud service to build drone applications for any vertical.

Drone Simulator

Powerful simulator to help you test your drone application, without access to drone hardware, or the need to step outdoors.

Enterprise Scalability

A variety of deployment options, built-in security, and scalability features, allow you to plan and deploy solutions to meet complex enterprise requirements.

Drone Navigation under 10 lines of code

FlytBase is helping developers, with no prior drone expertise, to start building custom drone applications in no time. All the complexities of drones are abstracted out in the form of easy-to-use, intuitive APIs.

#include <cpp_api/navigation_bridge.h>

Navigation nav;

# create flyt_python navigation class instance
from flyt_python import api
drone = api.navigation()
# wait for interface to initialize

# takeoff over current location

var msgdata={};

type: “POST”,
dataType: “json”,
data: JSON.stringify(msgdata),
url: “http:///ros//navigation/take_off”,
success: function(data){

var takeoff = new ROSLIB.Service({
ros : ros,
name : ‘//navigation/take_off’,
serviceType : ‘core_api/TakeOff’

var request = new ROSLIB.ServiceRequest({
takeoff_alt: 5.00

takeoff.callService(request, function(result) {
console.log(‘Result for service call on ‘
+ takeoff.name
+ ‘: ‘
+ result.success
+’: ‘
+ result.message);

rosservice call /flytos/navigation/take_off “takeoff_alt: 3.0”

Why use FlytBase IoD Platform?

Most Advanced Platform

Designed for widest compatibility and scalability

Time to Market

Develop and deploy complex solutions 10x faster!

Focus on Business Logic

Let FlytBase manage the complexities of hardware


Enterprise-grade security built into every element


Used by 1000’s of developers across the world

Rich Documentation

Detailed documentation, API reference and code templates

Dedicated Forums

Active forums for quick help with any issue

Large Community

Join thousands of developers using our platform.

Success Stories

Learn how these teams used FlytNow for their projects.

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FlytNow offers  open access to a suite of products for students working on drone projects.

API Access

FlytOS License

Technical Support

FlytNow Subscription (worth $990)

FlytCloud Credits upto $1200


Build complex drone solutions using our bundle offerings

Starter Pack

  • FlytNow Subscription – 6 Months
  • FlytCloud Credits worth $600
  • API Access
  • FlytOS – 6 Months License
  • Forum Support

Advance Pack

  • FlytNow Subscription – 1 Year
  • FlytCloud Credits worth $1200
  • API Access
  • FlytOS – 1 Year License
  • Forum Support

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Student Testimonials

FlytBase APIs fit right into my essential developer toolbox required to build all custom drone applications. With Navigation, Video Streaming, Drone Control, all cohesively bundled, FlytBase is my go-to for all drone adventures.

Pragnya KondrakuntaMember of Women's Team

With the FlytBase platform, everything was accessible to us. I just have to call the APIs and have drones flying everywhere. In just a few hours we came up with the implementation.

Mano Rahul K. PakalapatiMember of Team VASHR

FlytBase provided all the fundamental tools and interfaces to successfully develop the drone application. Our experience with FlytBase has been great. Therefore, FlytBase would be our first choice for any kind of drone application in the future.

Halil YonterMember of FSU Team

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Here’s a chance to take your drone project to the next level using a technology stack that powers enterprise drone solution.


    Who qualifies for an Educational Discount?

    Students attending or accepted into a higher education institution, or faculty employed at a higher education institution at the time of applying. Applicants must have a verified academic email address or valid identification to prove their status as a student or faculty member. If qualified, Students can get exclusive access to specific bundles for personal and educational use; selling or giving away coupons to others, and reselling, renting, or shipping to customers and potential customers is prohibited.

    If I qualify for the Educational bundle but do not have a student ID or staff card. How can I apply?

    If you do not have a student ID or staff card issued by your educational institution, you can upload your acceptance letter or other official documentation for proof. The uploaded images must contain your full name, your institution’s name, and a date that indicates you are currently attending or working for the institution.

    What are the limitations for the Educational program?

    Students can apply for the Educational program once every six months for a given email address. Each successful applicant will receive specific bundles according to their qualification pitch. Educational offers are only valid for six months from the date you receive them via email.

    I want to know more about Educational Program, whom to ask?

    Students can reach us via above contact form and try to elaborate your question as much as possible.