Looking for a DJI FlightHub 2 Alternative for Remote Drone Ops?

Meet FlytNow. Over 3000 users prefer FlytNow over its alternatives because it is user-friendly, feature-rich, supports hybrid fleets of drones & docking stations and facilitates easy collaboration.

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Top 5 Reasons why you should choose FlytNow over FlightHub 2

Drone Agnostic

FlytNow is compatible with a wide range of drones. Whether it’s a DJI Mavic, Matrice, Mini Series, or custom-built on PX4/Ardupilot, as opposed to FlightHub 2, which only supports the Matrice series (DJI M300 & M30).

DJI FlightHub Alternative compatible drones

Data Security
& Privacy

Unlike DJI FlightHub, FlytNow does not store your drone videos to ensure user data privacy. Users need to create & set their own private cloud storage in AWS, Azure or Oracle Cloud and connect it with FlytNow.

Remote Drone

Unlike FlightHub 2, FlytNow allows users to operate the drone remotely over the cloud using a keyboard, external joystick, or on-screen joypad while being miles away from the base station. This allows for real-time decision making.

Third Party Integrations

FlytNow offers advanced integrations to improve your drone operations workflow. These integrations include video management solutions such as milestone, weather reporting tools, alarm integration for emergency response and secured data storage platforms such as AWS & Azure.

Docking Station

Unlike DJI FlightHub 2, which only supports DJI Dock, FlytNow comes pre-integrated with 12+ modular and affordable drone docking stations with either charging or battery-swapping mechanisms.

DJI FlightHub Alternative Supported Docks

Advanced Features to Always
Stay in the Know

Plan missions easily, such as corridors for assets like pipelines, grid missions for mapping, or linear waypoint ones for patrols.

FLytNow Dashboard Mission Scheduler

Manage and monitor your fleets of hybrid drones and docking stations; view their telemetry – all from a single dashboard.

Device Management Dashboard

View live HD/thermal drone feeds, CCTV feeds mounted in facilities, and drone dock camera feeds in ultra-low latency.

video management through FlytNow dashboard

Remotely operate all payloads including the camera gimbal, speakers, and spotlight from the cloud-connected dashboard.

Payload Control from dashboard

Why Swiss Railways selected FlytNow for their Ops

“FlytNow enables [us] to remotely view live HD & thermal video feed from the drone’s camera over 4G/LTE which helps teams make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency during an incident response””

Nicolas AckermannDevelopment Engineer, Swiss Railways [SBB CFF FFS]

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