Integrate Heisha Drone Docking Station with FlytNow

Enable fully autonomous drone operations; control drones & Heisha docking stations remotely over 4G/5G/LTE.

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About Heisha Tech

HEISHA Tech is one the leading low cost drone self-charging station hardware providers.
Equipped with advanced precision positioning and data communication technology, Heisha provides an open-source, cost-effective and a reliable platform, saving valuable development time & effort.

Drone Agnostic

Compatible with DJI, Parrot, Autel & custom-built drones

Autonomous Charging

Charges a standard DJI battery in approximately 45 mins

Weather Resistant

Equipped with industrial A/Cs for weather adaptability

Heisha D80

A secure, adaptable, and intelligent drone docking station designed to provide a steady performance with solar charging capabilities and an in-built firefighting system to safeguard the critical components.

Compatible Drones: DJI Mavic 2 series

Heisha D135

A reliable, steady, and autonomous drone charging station with a built-in air conditioner and a canopy-like construction that gives it a solid and durable exterior that allows it to work in harsh environments and remote control capability.

Compatible Drones: DJI M300 RTK

See FlytNow Precision Landing Reliability in Action

Does your drone land precisely on the docking station, everytime?

Designed for reliability & safe operations, FlytNow’s Autonomous Precision Landing Module utilizes computer vision technology and dedicated landing algorithms to precisely align, and land the DJI drone on the box.

FlytNow Software Solution

Enable autonomous drone operations

With advanced edge & cloud connectivity modules, FlytNow enables live automated surveillance by remote HD video streaming from drones, real-time drone & payload control, over 4G/5G at ultra low latency.

Mission Scheduler & Planning

Schedule & repeat automated waypoint mission daily or at specific time-intervals.

Live HD Video Streaming

View live HD video feed from your drone; track your drone and its telemetry during your ops.

DiaB Integration

Control the opening/closing of the box remotely, receive its vital information on a single web dashboard.

Private Cloud Video Storage

Record and save all your videos on secure Amazon S3 cloud as well on drone SD card.

Deployed Around the Globe

Customers have placed their trust in Heisha and FlytNow to automate repeatable patrols for a variety of use-cases. 

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say!

Afterfit, Japan

Afterfit is using the most recent drone-in-a-box solution to monitor solar panels installed in remote locations. The power plant is completely uncrewed, and the team controls the drone and docking station from its headquarters in Tokyo.

Citymesh, Belgium

Citymesh, our Belgian partner, has successfully deployed their Safety Drone Project in the City of Genk to assist emergency service providers in collecting information more quickly and efficiently thanks to their powerful 5G network.

Get Started with FlytNow

With a access to FlytNow, Heisha drone charging platform users will be able to conduct complete autonomous missions for surveillance, security patrols, perimeter guarding, aerial monitoring and asset inspections.