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Over 100 Drone Solution Providers (DSPs) worldwide find FlytNow’s hardware-agnostic DiaB solution to be intuitive, cost-effective, scalable & most importantly, BVLOS ops ready.

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Nothing great is ever built alone. FlytNow advocates for an Open DiaB system over Closed DiaB system, in which each component is entirely built by a single company.

With the Open DiaB approach, you can convert any popular off-the-shelf drone into a full-fledged DiaB system by combining it with one of the many available low-cost docking stations and the FlytNow software platform.

Drone Solution Providers (DSPs) can deploy systems at scale owing to the modular design. Here are more reasons why:

Reason #1: Drone Agnostic

FlytNow is compatible with a wide range of drones (off-the-shelf or custom built) for various commercial applications. Compatibility with drones such as the DJI:

Allow selection of drone model based on use-case
Easily replaceable and/or serviceable
Be deployed at scale

Reason #2: Supports Multiple Drone Docks

FlytNow is compatible with different kinds of drone docks, thanks to the FNDS communication protocol. Users have the flexibility to choose the type of hardware that:

Best suits their use-case,

Works in the site’s temperature conditions
Has customizable charging plates for various drones
And, then there’s downtime (for example, battery swapping with a 90-second downtime versus battery charging stations with a longer downtime).

Reason #3: Price that doesn’t burn a hole

In the Closed DiaB system since a single company designs and manufactures each component from the ground up, R&D and production costs are extremely high (compared to the drones that are already being mass produced).

As a result, Closed DiaB products are extremely expensive, making large-scale adoption difficult. FlytNow enables users to upgrade to low-cost drone-in-a-box systems for as little as $10,000 USD.

Reason #4: High Reliability

Systems built by a single company in a closed DiaB system are frequently unreliable because each component is produced in small batches, resulting in insufficient flight-hours logged.

In comparison to the millions of drones produced and sold by the leading drone manufacturers (resulting in far higher levels of reliability), they only produce a few dozens of customized drones. FlytNow’s compatibility with commercially available drones eliminates such concerns.

Aerodyne Group has launched a world-first BVLOS drone project using Nested Drone Systems to monitor 1630 mile long pipeline RoWs.

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