Supported Smartphones

Note: Other latest Android phones with Qualcomm chipsets and 4GB+ RAM may be supported.

  • Samsung Note 9 (Only Qualcomm Chipset Version)
  • Samsung S10 Series (Only Qualcomm Chipset Version)
  • Samsung S20 Series (Only Qualcomm Chipset Version)
  • Samsung Note 8 (Only Qualcomm Chipset Version)
  • Oneplus 6
  • DJI Crystal Sky
  • DJI Smart Controller
  • Samsung S9+ (Only Qualcomm Chipset Version)
  • Samsung S9 (Only Qualcomm Chipset Version)
  • Samsung S8+ (Only Qualcomm Chipset Version)
  • Honor Play
  • Pixel 3
  • Vivo Z1x
  • Oneplus 7T

User Manual

The FlytOS mobile app for Android is a wrapper written on top of DJI SDK and allows the connected Android device to gain navigational control over the drone and fetch the drone’s state such as position, attitude, etc. The app communicates with the FlytCloud platform, and in turn, allows the web app to take control of the drone.

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