Supported Smartphones

Note: Support for additional devices available as testing and development continues. 


FlytOS shows ‘Not connected to the drone’ error message

One can follow the following steps to solve this issue:

  1. Please close all the android applications from the background.
  2. Replug USB into the device, 
    1. If you encounter a popup asking for the user to choose FlytOS application, please do so. 
    2. In case, without any popup, some other application automatically starts up, please ‘clear defaults’ of that application as shown here and restart debugging from Step 1
  3. Once FlytOS mobile application is started, wait for the message pop ups ‘DJI Register Success’ followed by ‘DJI Drone Connected’. If you do not get to see these messages in around 10s, please verify if you have a valid internet connection.
  4. If your problem still persists, contact us at from the registered email ID, mention your drone’s Model name along with any debug information that you can provide.

Video Screen shows pop up message: ‘Video Codec Failed to initialise’

Not every Android device supports 1080p H264 video encoding and decoding feature required for Mavic 2 series. We request you to use the phones we have listed above or some equivalent variant. As per our observation, Qualcomm chipset phones usually have the hardware codec to support the aforementioned functionality. You can try setting Downlink video mode to Regular from HD via DJI GO 4 which would reduce the stream quality to 720p, but it would enable video streaming from your device.

How to take back manual RC control of the drone?

When the drone is being controlled via FlytOS mobile application using FlytBase platform, one may want to take back manual control over the drone. To do this, change the RC mode switch position to any mode apart from ‘P’ or ‘F’ mode. You can get back to ‘P’ mode once have taken control over the drone.

User Manual

The FlytOS mobile app for Android is a wrapper written on top of DJI SDK and allows the connected Android device to gain navigational control over the drone and fetch the drone’s state such as position, attitude, etc. The app communicates with the FlytCloud platform, and in turn, allows the web app to take control of the drone.

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