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Automated Aerial Security & Surveillance

Deploy automated drones for surveillance, security patrols, perimeter guarding and aerial monitoring; schedule automated patrols and control them remotely with ease on the cloud over 4G/LTE/5G network.

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Why use FlytNow for Security?

Enhance Aerial Security Using
Off-the-Shelf Drones

  • Live Video Feed
  • Share Live Video with Client
  • Thermal Video Feed
  • Gimbal Control
  • Live Drone Location
  • Geofence
  • Remote Drone Control
  • Live Drone Telemetry
  • Automated Patrol Missions
  • Live Drone Fleet Location
  • Live Video to Guest Users
  • View Only Access

Features in a Nutshell

Remote Control

Manage drones autonomously from anywhere in the world over cloud on 4G/5G/LTE network.

Flight Planning

Plan and schedule your routine security patrols & inspections in advance or on-demand.

Live HD Video & Telemetry

Track the drone fleet movement and get live updates of location for sitational awareness.

Thermal Camera Scans

Detect anomalies, cover blind-spots and identify trespassers during the night.

Drone Agnostic

Combine your fleet of drones with different type of drone or payloads for improved analysis.

Precision Landing

Dock your drones precisely & autonomously on a charging pad or moving platform.

Save Cost and Improve Efficiency

FlytNow is exclusively built for Drone Operation Managers, Subject Matter Experts, and Operators looking to automate & scale their drone operations. It is a cloud-based solution that enables drone deployment in a few clicks, allowing you to manage everything, on a single web-based dashboard, for a seamless experience.

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How Does It Work?

FlytNow acts as a centralized command center for regulating all types of security operations in real time, remotely by the security managers. Drones relay live HD video and all other situational data onto the administrator’s screen from a distance through cloud connected 4G/LTE/5G network.

Use Cases

Intruder Detection

In large properties and manufacturing units, drones having higher maneuverability, can relay live-video footage, remove blindspots both during day and night, track and follow trespassers and intruders reducing the possibility of theft and damage.

Crowd Surveillance

Authorities can monitor large scale events and perform advanced analytics such as head-count analysis, crowd density and detection of law-breakers can be performed. Drones equipped with beacons and speakers can be used for crowd control.

Perimeter Guarding

Companies can pre-define boundaries, monitor a target area from a safe distance with live updates of potential threats entering the perimeter. Drones can aid security cameras 24×7 through integration of thermal for both day and night-time surveillance.

Anti – Poaching

Forest officials face a constant threat of poachers hunting illegally. Drones equipped with thermal sensors can replace expensive IR systems and be rapidly deployed on-demand and monitored from the ground station for quick turnaround time.

Traffic Management

Drone surveillance can help traffic control stations improve situational awareness during accidents. Analytics including follow target vehicle, license-plate recognition & automated vehicle count can be used for improving road safety.

Border Patrol

Monitor high-risk operations and unsafe zones with drones, allowing members of security forces to get situational awareness and make tactical decisions from afar. Also, control a fleet of hybrid drones, make route changes, adjust gimbals for multi-angle information.

Drone-in-a-Box Automation

Manual operations are inefficient and time-consuming; Drone-in-a-Box technology coupled with our intelligent software, can provide drastic time and cost reduction whereby incrementing the ROI significantly. Subject Matter Experts can monitor and supervise multiple operations and initiate suitable response accordingly from a distance, in real time.

Supported Drones

FlytNow Solution is compatible with all major drones such as DJI, Ardupilot, and PX4.

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White Paper

Drone Automation in Security & Surveillance

As automation technology is adopted for industrial and commercial security, drone fleets will play a central role, given that they can be deployed autonomously, at scale. The most critical enabler for the non-linear growth of the automated drone security system market is turning out to be software-as-a-service that is hardware-agnostic, intelligent and seamless to integrate. Software-driven autonomy and automation must, by design, be at the centre of production deployments to truly capture the ‘faster, better, cheaper’ promise of UAV fleets for surveillance use-cases.

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