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Smart Poles – The Future of Autonomous Drone Operations

In this webinar, we are excited to introduce Omniflow’s multi-application sustainable smart pole, that provides all of that and much more.

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Launch your Automated Drone Program With FlytNow Auto & FoxIT Drone Base

This webinar we are excited to introduce FlytNow Auto & FoxIT’s drone docking station that would allow you to launch an automated drone program at ease.

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Augment your Video Management Systems with Autonomous Drones

This webinar will demonstrate how to view a drone’s live video feed directly on a centralized VMS, allowing instantaneous situational assessments & faster response to alarm triggers.

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Empowering Law Enforcement Teams with Safer Aerial Solutions

This webinar will provide an overview of how public safety & law enforcement teams can stop violence faster, safer, & easier with their autonomous drones by using the Defendry Aerial Platform, powered by FlytNow.

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Get started with Remote Aerial Missions using FlytNow & Skyport

This webinar will provide a hands-on demonstration on how to connect an off-the-shelf drone (DJI Mavic) to the cloud and leverage Skycharge’s self-charging drone hangar and automate your drone operations on FlytNow without having to be present on-site.

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Pre-Schedule Automated Aerial Security Patrols using FlytNow & DNEST

This webinar will provide a hands-on session on scheduling repeatable & on-demand autonomous aerial patrols. By employing Heisha’s cost-effective, reliable auto-charging drone nests and FlytNow’s intuitive, cloud-based software platform.

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Essential Elements for Automated Aerial Security

Lot of ambiguity exists around the components that are absolutely essential to make autonomous operations a reality. In this webinar, identify the must-haves that you should check-mark before venturing into drone-based aerial security.

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Autonomous Drones for Security

FlytBase invites you to a free webinar to explore how low cost off-the-shelf drones are being autonomously deployed for aerial security operations. Learn how FlytNow, aided with Hextronics sophisticated docking station, can be used to schedule patrols, detect intruders and respond on alarm activation.

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FlytNow – Basics & Beyond


Deep Dive into FlytNow Auto for Complete Drone Autonomy

FlytNow Auto is an intuitive drone-in-a-box software that connects your drones and docking stations with the cloud for automated data collection.

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