Hands-on Webinar

Get started with Remote Aerial Missions using FlytNow & Skyport

Considering autonomous drones for remote patrols, but do not know how to get started?
This webinar will provide a hands-on demonstration on how to connect an off-the-shelf drone (DJI Mavic) to the cloud and leverage Skycharge’s self-charging drone hangar and automate your drone operations on FlytNow without having to be present on-site.


Compatible with the commercial DJI, Parrot and custom-built drones on PX4/Ardupilot platform, Skycharge’s Skyport is a cost-effective and lightweight autonomous charging solution that can be deployed for remote drone operations. Safe from inclement weather conditions, this drone hanger can be easily harboured in remote and inaccessible locations.

With FlytNow’s intuitive cloud-based dashboard, drones can be programmed to communicate with Skyport in real-time, fly a pre-scheduled route and relay the live information over the internet for remote stakeholders to monitor their facilities 24×7!

What’s in the hands-on session?

Learn how to connect DJI Mavic to the cloud and control them remotely over 4G/LTE. Here are a few items that you could keep handy before the session:

A DJI drone (choose any one) and its remote controller (RC)
An Android/iOS mobile device or a DJI Smart Controller connected to the internet
A USB cable to connect your mobile device to the RC

Andrea Puiatti
Founder, CEO

Achal Negi
Director Business Developement

Pragnya Kondrakunta
Business Developement Associate

Watch the Recording

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