FlytNow Reimagined for Remote Drone Operations

We are delighted to introduce new plans and pricing tailored to the drones you use! We now have a pricing tier according to your drone in the inventory, whether it’s off-the-shelf like the DJI or custom made using PX4 and Ardupilot!

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Set up your Remote Drone Operations Center (RDOC) to fly VLOS or BVLOS for a wide range of applications with the all powerful DJI M300! Tune in this Thursday, September 30th to learn more.

P.S. One of the largest and hottest sale of the year—the 4th of July sale—will start soon! For just the cost of three months, you can subscribe to the new FlytNow plans for a full year! More information will be released during the event.

Vinayak Singh
Customer Success Manager

Achal Negi
Director Business Development

Neel Sharma
Customer Success Associate