Autonomous Drone-Based Monitoring System for Project Management

Deploy drone fleets on routine missions to capture video data in real-time. Automate data collection for tracking the progress of your construction or mining projects.

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Work Progress Monitoring- FlytNow Use Case

Why use FlytNow for progress tracking?

Enhance operational efficiency with autonomous drones

Manual operations can be dangerous, expensive, and time consuming. FlytNow leverages drones to autonomously collect and store critical project data, monitor and safeguard assets, and instantly respond to emergencies.

Reduced operational cost

No more routine visits to remote areas or operation of heavy machinery to collect project data.

Preemptive incident response

Real-time detection of leaks, spills, and damages before they turn into dangerous accidents.

Enhanced workflow efficiency

Round-the-clock management of fleets, payloads, docking stations, and site data, all from one place

Increased safety & security

Live telemetry monitoring, clear demarcation of no-fly zones, GPS-denied flights, and E2E encryption


Eagle vision. Every step of your way.

The FlytNow Dashboard

Intuitive controls & features in a nutshell

Deploy any of your preferred drones & docking stations to automate site and project data collection. Monitor their vitals at all times.

Work progress monitoring using FlytNow Dashboard

Plan, repeat, schedule, and log unique flights. Set individual waypoint actions and make corrections in real time during missions.

FlytNow dashboard mission management

Get real-time insights such as drone mission status, geolocation, payload data, overlapping images, and HD video at ultra low latency.

Live video feed and telemetry from FlytNow dashboard

Seamlessly integrate 3rd party software to map/survey your site and stay aware of your airspace, authorizations, locations, and permissions.

FlytNow Supported 3rd Party Applications
Jorn Howild Testimonial

“Not only is it safer for us to not have to climb scaffolding on the construction site, it is also possible to ensure that those who work on the construction site on a daily basis are well enough secure.”

Jørn Howlid
CEO @ Drone AS

Choose the solution that suits your needs.

FlytNow Auto for work progress monitoring

An end-to-end automation software for off-the-shelf drones and docking stations with powerful edge capabilities and precision landing.

FlytNow Live for work progress monitoring

A turnkey software for real-time remote drone control, detailed waypoint-based mission configuration, and hybrid fleet management.

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