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Automation Solution for Drone Delivery Systems

Use drones for delivery of packages – for e-commerce, or in emergencies. Land or hover precisely, drop parcels accurately, control payloads remotely.

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Cloud-connected Automation Solution

Enable Drone Delivery Service Using
Off-the-Shelf or Custom Drones

Remote Payload Control

Monitor and/or control payloads (sensors, cameras, gripper/release mechanisms, lights, sirens, etc.) remotely and reliably.

Obstacle Detection

Sense obstacles and avoid imminent collisions in complex environments, using intelligent algorithms and robust workflows for UAV delivery.

Waypoint-wise Control

Use waypoints to plan drone delivery routes, including advanced waypoint-wise camera gimbal control to ensure secure delivery.

Precision Landing

Autonomously and precisely land or hover any drone over a smart delivery mailbox using computer vision techniques, with built-in fail safes.

Prove Your Drone Delivery Solution

FlytNow is built for drone delivery companies who are building end-to-end solutions for specific delivery use-cases, whether last-mile e-commerce or emergency healthcare supplies. By supporting off-the-shelf as well as custom (Ardupilot/Pixhawk) drones, FlytNow enables system integrators to rapidly deploy their aerial delivery solution as PoCs and pilots, and mature them to large-scale commercial deployments.

Home Delivery

Parcel Delivery

Medicine Delivery

How Does It Work?

FlytNow acts as the intelligent automation software that can automate and scale drone delivery solutions, leveraging best-in-class hardware and 4G/5G connectivity. By providing precise landing on docking stations or charging pads, live video feeds, and remote fleet management, FlytNow supports aerial delivery in dense urban areas as well as remote rural ones.

FlytNow Enterprise

The Enterprise edition of FlytNow can be customized and configured for your specific requirements, and help you rapidly automate and scale your drone fleet operations.

Supported Drones

FlytNow Solution is compatible with all major drones such as DJI, Ardupilot, and PX4.

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