Supported Hardware

FlytNow’s integrated DiaB solution is built into the industry’s most reliable hardware components.


Mavic 2 Series

The DJI M2 Pro & Zoom editions are the most widely used commercial aerial vehicles by both businesses and small-time entrepreneurs. Lightweight and easy to use, these drones have an endurance of up to 30 mins under normal weather conditions.

Suggested applications:
Security & surveillance
Asset monitoring
Law enforcement operations

Mavic 2 Enterprise Series

Equipped with thermal cameras and extended accessory support such as loudspeakers & spotlights, the Enterprise Series is the go-to drone for round-the-clock surveillance. With a flight time of ~25 minutes, they can be used for a wide range of applications.

Suggested applications:
Fire-safety missions
Night-time patrols
Emergency response

Matrice 300 RTK

This heavy-duty UAV offers a flight time of up to 55 min, along with increased wind resistance and transmission range. Built to sustain inclement weather conditions, the platform enables operators to perform advanced tasks safely and accurately.

Suggested applications:
City-wide surveillance
Large-scale mapping
Search & rescue operations

Matrice 600 Pro

The DJI Matrice 600 is a durable, rugged drone that houses cooling systems and smart batteries to allow for longer flights. With an endurance of around 40 min, this drone is built with a high payload capacity and wide range of connectivity options.

Suggested applications:
Delivery services
Aerial imagery
Progress tracking

Looking to integrate a custom drone?

Own or manufacture drones based on the PX4 or Ardupilot build with longer endurance for large-scale mapping projects in agriculture, mining, or other sectors?

Coming Soon!
Support for the all-new DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced & Parrot ANAFI

Docking Stations

FlytNow DiaB-Partners

Hextronics Global

Sporting robotic battery-swapping capabilities, the Hextronics Global is a high-performance and cost-effective drone nest with extended range antennas and an integrated weather station. Portable and compact, this hangar is built to tolerate extreme weather conditions.


This affordable docking station is centered around a simple and super lightweight design. Removing mechanical complexities, idroneimages have engineered a highly robust system, allowing businesses of all sizes to experience complete drone autonomy.

Heisha D80

Heisha Tech offers enhanced security and durability with its sturdy designs. The D80 is a corrosion-proof and rainproof beast with several useful modules and addons such as a solar panel, weather station with digital sensors, surveillance camera, extended range antenna, and loudspeaker.

FoxIT Response

This weatherproof docking station designed by FoxIT is one of the most environmentally versatile products in the market. With its HVAC and anti-theft systems, the Response can be deployed in the most remote of locations. For additional connectivity, the docking station offers a VoIP system & air-band radio station.

Aircort ST-1200

Airscort’s customizable and low-cost docking station can operate in a wide variety of environments with its insulations, internal-temperature control system, and wide array of sensors. Along with its field-tested, military-grade components, the ST-1200 is compatible with a wide range of commercial and custom drones.

Drone Hanger

Skyport DP5

The Skyport DP5 by Skycharge is built exclusively for the outdoors, featuring a solid stainless-steel body and anti-crushing design to tolerate physical extremities. It is a heavy-duty yet easy-to-maintain station that offers a zero-loss charging platform with no mechanical moving parts.


The Aerobox drone dock is most suitable for small and lightweight drones and can be used for several security and inspection applications. With an inbuilt smart power generator, the Aerobox is highly energy-efficient and easy to set up. It can function in numerous weather conditions and supports a contact-charging platform.