Episode 01

Deep Dive into FlytNow Auto for Complete Drone Autonomy

FlytNow Auto is an intuitive drone-in-a-box software that connects your drones and docking stations with the cloud for automated data collection.

This webinar will walk you through the features & capabilities of FlytNow Auto. Here are a few of them:

Fleet management
Mission planning
Geofence configuration

Docking station control
Precision landing
HD video recording


Operational workflows such as security, asset inspection, and work progress monitoring consist of dull and dangerous tasks, especially in massive facilities and remote locations that require round-the-clock situational awareness. The advent of commercial, off-the-shelf drones proved to be a groundbreaking solution to this problem. However, the high cost and dependency on UAV pilots & experts that consequently arose reduced adoption to a great extent.

FlytNow Auto abstracts the complexities involved in operating a hybrid fleet of drones and docking stations by enabling remote control and management. Users can run detailed, repeatable autonomous missions and gain real-time, actionable insights of their assets & facilities over 4G/5G/LTE.

Achal Negi
Director, Business Development

Pragnya Kondrakunta
Product & Customer Success Lead

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